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October 23, 2020
We are all sick and tired of the never ending stream of bad news that has been 2020 so far. So, here are a couple of smackrels of good wine industry news to help cheer up the tone.
October 16, 2020
When you mention “bulk wine” to most people in Australia, they immediately think of cheap and/or nasty wine – cask quality or lesser. However that is far from the case in reality.
October 9, 2020
This week I am back on my soap box as a result of some recent propaganda from two major cork suppliers…
October 2, 2020
Whilst most people are “introspectively navel gazing” during the pandemic, there are plenty of things happening out in the wine world – here are a couple of them…
September 25, 2020
This week the Blog and Wine Review are rolled into a single report on one of my favourite white varieties - Grüner Veltliner, native of Austria and now flourishing here in Oz.
September 18, 2020
After all the recent doom and gloom around the world and in the wine world, here is a little dose of positivity....
A Smidge More Doom & Gloom
September 11, 2020
This week I will be reporting on the drop of Bulk Wine exports from Spain and some insight into the China investigation of Australia wine imports....
September 4, 2020
Just about everybody who drinks wine in Australia has heard of Max Schubert – the creator of Grange and the story of its creation. He is one of what I call, the “Milestone Men”, in the history of wine...
August 28, 2020
This week I am reporting briefly on a spot of wine news from around the world which I am sure will interest you.
August 21, 2020
I have spent the last twenty years advocating “emerging” varieties and saying that Australia is the most “experimentatious” wine producing country in the world.... So imagine my surprise the other day when in discussions with Adelaide University’s, Professor Kym Anderson (AC Executive Director, Wine Economic Research Centre), that I discovered....
August 14, 2020
This week I am talking about South Australia’s Riverland wine region.
August 7, 2020
According to figures released by the China Association for Imports and Export of Wine & Spirits (CAWS) - The total volume of imported wine in the first five months of the year was 180 million litres, worth US$690 million...
July 31, 2020
What of it? Well, this week in the wine world you could CAN IT, BAG IT, RIP IT or HYPE IT!
July 24, 2020
This week I have a smackrel of items from around the world which may be of interest to you.
July 17, 2020
Here are a couple of interesting updates from overseas – USA and China.
July 10, 2020
For a couple of years now I have been banging on about wines in cans and how they are an integral part of wine’s future. Well it seems that Covid-19 has expedited their “arrival” in the USA, with a 26% increase in canned wine sales in April this year.
Other Not So Cheery News
July 3, 2020
This week Dan mentions a few “not so cheery” news topics which have had an impact on Aussie businesses.
June 26, 2020
We have all heard of how the Chinese Government is “punishing” Australia because we had the temerity to ask the WHO (World Health Organisation) to conduct an enquiry into the origins of Covid-19....
A Cacophony of Wine News Snippets
June 19, 2020
This week a cacophony of little wine news snippets from around the traps. Starting with the news that –
June 12, 2020
Grape vine research has never been more intense than it is today.
June 6, 2020
After reading the recent Wine Australia Market Bulletin (see extract below) Dan felt this subject should be further commented upon:
Overseas Spot News
May 30, 2020
This week Dan reports on some interesting and somewhat bizarre news which has recently come to light in the wine industry overseas.
A Semi-Trivial Blog
May 23, 2020
This week Dan reports on some TRIVIAL and NOT SO TRIVIAL world news which may be of interest to you.
Adapting To The New World
May 16, 2020
Given that our whole world has been turned upside down since the start of this year, and almost every wine fair and exhibition around the globe has been cancelled
Coronavirus Creativity
May 9, 2020
Following on from my Blog of April 24, where I mentioned some of the initiatives happening here in Australia
Massive Changes
May 2, 2020
Picture this: It is Easter 2019, you are having a quiet drink with a few friends and a person walks in...
Creative Times
April 25, 2020
In these ultra-challenging times that we are living in, all the “norms” and “usuals” have gone out of the window
April 18, 2020
The first time I was aware that I was drinking a wine from the Clare Valley was in 1986 when my great mate...
April 10, 2020
Here are a few more wine news snippets which may be of interest to you:
News Stuff
February 22, 2020
Over the summer recess there were a number of things happening in the wine industry across the world, in addition to the crippling bushfires which burned so many vineyards here in Australia.
Is The Party Nearly Over?
February 14, 2020
For the last two decades wine consumption has been growing in most parts of the world, except the “Old World” wine countries – mainly France and to a lesser extent Italy and Spain, where the younger generation has shied away (to some extent) of the “old folks” drink called wine. It is like here in Australia where in the 1980s we shied away from Sherry and Brandy because that’s what the oldies drank.
Wine Heroes
February 8, 2020
Recently I read that one of my wine heroes, Randall Grahm, had sold his famous Bonny Doon Vineyard. Randall is one of my top wine heroes – although I have never met him and only had a few opportunities to taste his California icon wines, they have always been very impressive.
Cellar Door Fest 2020
January 31, 2020
Next Friday afternoon is the start of the 10th CELLAR DOOR FEST, to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The three day indoor event is a sensational way to check out South Australian wines.
A Million Points
January 24, 2020
A MILLION POINT WINE: Jim Boyce the creator of the sensational “GRAPE WALL OF CHINA” Blog, www.grapewallofchina.com and founder of “World Marselan Day” (Do you know what Marselan is?), recently published an article where he went past the 100 point
Happy New Year - 2020
January 17, 2020
Well here we are one-fifth of the way through the 21st century. The “oldies” amongst us can clearly remember the global “panic” about the Y2K bug. Nobody knew whether the computerised clocks would click over to 1900 instead of 2000 at midnight on New Year’s Eve 1999. Would the planes fall out of the sky?
2019 Wrap Up
December 13, 2019
This is the last Blog for the year so we would like to wish you and yours a very Merry and safe Christmas. We hope that 2020 (the Year of the Rat) will be a fabulous year for you, both personally and in the wine business, full of joy with a minimum of disappointments.
Thoroughly Uncorked - Fake News
December 7, 2019
We are coming up to it being twenty years since the winemakers of the Clare Valley decided that they had had enough of the cork taint that had been plaguing their magnificent Riesling and they switched to screwcap.
China Wine
November 29, 2019
We started shipping still wine to China for our clients in 2006 and it wasn’t until 2010 that we sent any sparkling wine – and even then it was just a few cases in the container. Many pundits suggested that sparkling wine would not take off over there, however, the level of interest is growing as people have more occasions to celebrate than they did in the past.
A Brave New World
November 22, 2019
The world of wine is changing like never before and as I have written previously the rise of wine in a can and 2.0 litre casks are shaking things up just a tad. Well, here are a few other things that may (or may not) shake up the wine world in the near future. TEA INFUSED WINE: Pernod Ricard have launched a range of wines which have been infused with tea. Calling it, Tea & Wine Infusions, they have recently gone on sale at Dan Murphy’s for $22 a bottle.
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