Friday, February 5, 2021

This week's Blog focuses on the 2021 Cellar Door Fest held in Adelaide and on an interesting little tit-bit about the owners of Coca-Cola...

PARTY TIME! Today kicks off one of the best wine events in Australia, the Adelaide CELLAR DOOR FEST, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This is a brilliant event in that it puts cellar doors from every wine region in South Australia together under the one air-conditioned roof which whilst not vital this weekend as the weather is forecast to be balmy, some years when the mercury has hit 40C+ it has been a god send.

With over 100 cellar doors participating along with providores, boutique brewers and distillers, it is simply brilliant. There are so many wines to try that you need a plan of attack so as not to end up missing out on a wine or winery that you wanted to try. Simply wandering around will result in feeling disappointment at having missed out when you leave.

One plan could be to try all the different wines from the one region, say all the Adelaide Hills wines – I would suggest do the white wines first then the red wines rather than just going from producer to producer.

Another plan could be to try the differences in style of the same variety across the different regions. For example, Shiraz from different regions such as comparing the Shiraz from Adelaide Hills with those from Kangaroo Island, Riverland and say, Langhorne Creek.

As I write mainly about Emerging Varieties, I study the “form guide” beforehand and pick out the most interesting Emerging Variety wines to try. One of the really interesting ones I tried from last year was the Mt Bera “Ebullent” Gruvee Cuvee – the first Australian sparkling Grüner Veltliner.

The most exciting section is the “Emerging Producer” zone which showcases new wine producers. In many cases the winemakers are long established makers who have recently branched out on their own, e.g. a few years ago one of them was, Lévrier by Jo Irvine – an own venture for the supremely talented, Baron of the Barossa, Jo Irvine. Another year the star of this section was, “The Cutting” – a very small Barossa winery that only produces Shiraz – but what sensational Shiraz!!

This year there are twelve participants in this section, including distillers and a coffee house. Aphelion Wines is of particular interest to me as they have a number of wines made from emerging varieties, both varietal and blended wines, including a Chenin Blanc – which are quite rare here in South Australia. Also of great interest is Prices Wines which have an Alicante/Malbec blend – a combination that I have not tasted before.

Inexpensively you can buy tickets via the link below and have an outstanding time tasting wine to your heart’s content, as I will be doing this afternoon when the event opens.

Cheers! Enjoy this once a year smorgasbord of wine and find yourselves some new and interesting wines to love. #chooseaustralianwine

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Here is a completely different topic:

COCA-COLA WINE: Hey, did you know that Coca-Cola used to own a winery? Yep! Back in 1977 Coke bought the Taylor Wine Company of New York, which at the time was the sixth largest wine company in the USA. Over the next six years with the benefit of Coke’s skilful marketing, Taylor’s grew to be No.2 wine company in the USA.

However the Coke Executives couldn’t cope with the lower returns and longer time frames of the wine industry, like oak maturation, and opted out of the wine industry. Due to a number of ownership changes post-coke and bad management, by 1995 the company which had been No.2 in the US was no more – gone. Disproving the saying that: “things go better with Coke”.

Well that’s it for another week, stay safe, #chooseaustralianwine and enjoy!!!

This Week's Wine Review:

This week’s wine reminded me as to why I have been a huge fan of Saperavi ever since I tasted my very first one, the Patritti Wines 2008 Saperavi (when first released). Since then I have gone on to taste quite a number of Georgian Saperavi (the home of Saperavi) as well as some from the US (New York Finger Lakes Saperavi) when writing my “Georgia the Sensational” article for the March/April 2017 Edition of WBM Magazine.

Along the way I assisted Hvino News in Georgia, to source Australian Saperavi, for the Saperavi World Prize (SapPrize) competition conducted in 2017. SapPrize was a worldwide contest for Saperavi wines made outside Georgia. Every Australian Saperavi producer (at the time) entered and Australia won all eleven Gold Medals awarded, including the “Cirami Estate 2015 Riverland Saperavi” winning the “Gold Azarpeshas” (Grand Gold Prize), for the Best in the World (outside of Georgia). Demonstrating how great Australian winemakers have become at making Saperavi.

Of the Aussie Saperavi I have tasted, most, due to being big wines, need a bit of time to evolve and show at their best. However, I have come across one or two that were of a style that made them ready to go when released. This week’s wine is an example of a cracking Saperavi in the “ready to rock” mold, it is the Tendril Liquor Agencies, S.K. ESTATE 2020 MURRAY DARLING SAPERAVI – This superb wine has a vivid, deep, dense purple colour, a bouquet with notes of stewed beetroot and attractive herbal aromas. An appealing rich, round, very tasty palate with great depth of flavour and a silky-smooth, lingering finish to make it UTTERLY DIVINE. This wine has been made so that it “hits the ground running”, that is, RARING TO GO!

Demonstrating, once again, the skill that Australian winemakers have of making outstanding wines from new emerging varieties.

Ah, I think it is time for another glass of this delectable wine! Cheers! #chooseaustralianwine

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