Interesting Facts

Friday, February 18, 2022

For a number of reasons I haven’t had the opportunity to write a proper Blog this week, so I thought I would simply share some interesting statistics with you this week.

Starting with a 2018 snapshot at global wine consumption. (Refer to OIV Wine Consumption statistics)

Firstly, it wouldn’t take that much effort to overtake the Belgians and bump Australia into 5th place – come on team!!! Also imagine how brilliant it would be for the Aussie wine industry IF Japan and Brazil could be nudged up by one or two litres per capita – we should be working on this!!

Next, let us put Australia’s size into context as compared with other countries – Interesting isn’t it? (Refer to map below)

Now let’s look at how much greenhouse gasses wine produces. (Refer to AAWE global greenhouse emissions statistics)

Thus IF you stop eating Tofu, you can drink almost twice as much wine without increasing your gas emissions (in more than one way!!).

Finally, have you ever wondered how significant wine exports are to the Australian economy? Check out the figures below which show that wine accounts for just under 1% of the value of our total exports. (Refer to AAWE Wine Exports statistics)

Wow! I didn’t know that there was a viable wine industry in Togo, Saint Lucia, Hong Kong or Bermuda – you learn something new every day! Let’s aim for 1.50% of total exports – that would be pretty cool!

Well that’s it for this week folks! I hope you found this info interesting and hopefully the Blog will be back to normal next week.

In the meantime please stay safe, #chooseaustralianwine and drink #emergingvarieties whenever you get the chance. Cheers!

This Week's Wine Review:

This week I am heading up to Eden Valley in the Barossa.

Eden Valley is well known and indeed renowned for its Riesling, which along with Watervale in the Clare Valley are considered the two best Riesling growing areas in the country.

However, today I am talking about an Eden Valley SHIRAZ. Being higher and slightly cooler, SHIRAZ from the Eden Valley is not as big and rich as that from the Barossa Valley – the style everybody expects from the Barossa. Eden Valley SHIRAZ is a smidge closer to cool-climate SHIRAZ in that it is more elegant and although big it is a less rich SHIRAZ than the rest of the Barossa. It produces sophisticated, svelte, complex SHIRAZ that evolves very elegantly over time to become superb.

The RILEY’S OF EDEN VALLEY ‘MAXIMUS’ PREMIUM 2018 SHIRAZ is a case in point. At four-years-old, it is still a deep, brooding purple in colour. The bouquet shows the aromas of pencil shavings/vanillin oak, with a goodly splash of ripe plums and delightful red berries. The palate in medium-bodied, silky-smooth, rich, well rounded with a tight, lingering finish.

Over the next few years this excellent wine will mature beautifully to become a nectar. Have patience if you can. If not, decant it – it will pay dividends.

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