Friday, September 17, 2021

The Australian wine industry has plenty of acronyms such as, AWBCA, AWGPRA, RFID, NFC, etc. – in fact one could say that it is rather acronymous.

Recently, I discovered the real meaning of a couple of them when I met, Nathalie Taquet, founder and CEO of Bottli and eBottli, who set up the businesses two years ago to help winegrowers/winemakers navigate their way through the new digital world we are rapidly moving into.

It turns out that what I thought was simply “doing business” is actually B2B (business to business) which they help facilitate, and B2C is business to consumer, which I had always thought as “selling wine”.

Starting with the B2C side, Bottli is a wine club platform (website) which is aimed at a rapidly growing sector of the wine industry – online buying which has grown significantly due to COVID-19.

Website Link: www.bottli.com.au

The club delivers a hand-picked selection of boutique Australian wines on a monthly basis as well as offering a comprehensive array of boutique wines for sale. None the participating wineries have their wines ranged in any of the major bottle shop chains. Bottli also has a range of French wines and Champagnes available. The service also includes tasting notes and wine classes to help broaden the members wine knowledge.

This is a Platform where smaller wineries can list their wines for sale with no ongoing costs and a fixed 25% commission on actual sales. The sales are made through the site, but the wineries ship their wines direct to the purchaser. Currently, the site has twenty-nine wineries listed on it and they are looking for more participants as they go broadening the range and scope of their subscribers. In addition, they provide a “wine concierge” service of sourcing rare and unusual bottles of wine from around the world.

One of the things dear to my heart that this club does, is provide free shipping of the wines purchased. For many, many years I have been saying that the last thing buyers want is to get to the end of the purchasing process and be slugged with a delivery fee. I have always maintained that it is better to raise the price of your wine by say $1 per bottle across the board and offer free delivery – it’s a winner!!

Part of the aim of the website is to help raise the bar on wine education/knowledge with a realistic and practical story on each wine with relevant technical information, rather than the often seen technical jargon which is only meaningful to qualified winemakers. Just seeing a bottle shot and bare bones data on the wine in question on a website is no longer sufficient. Consumers/potential purchasers are looking for more these days, especially the story as to how the winery came to be and what it is aiming for.

In setting up Bottli, Nathalie became aware of the problem of counterfeit wines, especially in China. Therefore, she set up, eBottli, to use the latest technology to safeguard Australian wines against fakes. eBottli offers a raft of new technologies including geolocation services for bottles of wine as well as unique identification labels. This enables the winemaker to guarantee a wine’s authenticity, which is becoming more and more critical in markets such as Asia, and China in particular. To put this into context, one has only to remember the impact of the China melamine contamination of 2008. Today, it is estimated that nearly fifty percent of wine for sale at over AU$40 in China, is counterfeit. Whilst not as significant an issue in other Asian countries, it will grow as the consumption of wine grows in those countries.

Already working with twelve premium winegrowers, eBottli’s aim is for a winery’s customers anywhere in the world to be able to scan the bottles label with their smart phone and be able to access (read or view) the wines origins and the winery’s story.

So, if you are a boutique winery which doesn’t have distribution in any of the major chains, you should seriously consider contacting Nathalie (see links below) and discussing the possibility of working together to sell more of your wine.

Cheers, have a great week and stay safe.

Email:  nathalie.taquet@ebottli.com

Website Link:  www.ebottli.com.au

**STOP PRESS**:  Today is International Grenache Day!

The gang at the Barossa Grape & Wine Association have kindly organised a live tasting broadcast of Barossa Grenache for this afternoon.  My regular wine judging panel and I will be participating so a Dan’s Wine Blog about it will follow in due course.

I can’t wait!! I love Grenache!

Cheers and enjoy a glass (or three) of outstanding Australian Grenache tonight!

This Week's Wine Review:

I first heard about the native Georgian red variety, Saperavi, when my friend, Geoff Patritti, showed me a pre-release sample of their first vintage, the 2008. I was instantly smitten by this big, bold, brassy red.

Since then I have had two articles published on the variety and I have been involved with the official Georgian Wine Association, Hvino, in securing Australian entries to the first SapPrize (Saperavi World Prize) competition held in 2017. It was a competition to find the best Saperavi in the world that was made outside of Georgia. Every Australian producer at the time entered and Australia won all five of the gold medals awarded, with the brilliant 2015 Saperavi from Cirami Estate, in the Riverland, being awarded the SapPrize – “The Best non-Georgian Saperavi in the World”.

I mention this because recently I tasted another Aussie Saperavi that is world-class and would be a strong contender for the SapPrize if it were to be held today.

The wine is the MASSENA 2018 BAROSSA VALLEY ‘THE HOWLING DOG’ SAPERAVI. This wine is massively inky dark, almost black in colour. Has lovely fresh aromas of red fruit and some roasted beetroot characters, making it very appealing and enticing.

The palate is huge, but well-rounded and silky smooth with lashings of rich flavour including a tinge of beetroot flavours on the svelte finish.

All I can say is that this wine is stunning and is truly a world-class Saperavi which would probably make quite a few Georgian winemakers feel jealous. If you like big wines check this one out because it is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Winery Link:  www.massena.com.au