Export Advice:

Wine Assist offers a wide range of advice and assistance when you are exporting wine, especially if it is your first time. Wine Assist can help with:

  • Obtaining an Export Licence
  • Setting up export procedures
  • Obtaining competetive shipping quotes
  • Organising the shipment of wines
  • Sourcing wines at your selected price points.

Export Documentation:

There are a number of different documents required to ship wine overseas, and importing countries have specific documentary requirements in order to get the wine through their Customs procedures. Wine Assist can organise all your documentation requirements, including:-

  • Export Approvals
  • Certificate of Australian Origin
  • Certificate of Free Sale - Health Certificate.

Label & Brand Development:

Wine Assist has its own Graphic Designer, thus we can offer a label design service for significanlty less cost than what the major design studios charge. Please see the "Label Library" section on our Home Page to view a few examples of our range of labels. For a pre- agreed fee our service includes all aspects of pre-production, as well as obtaining printing quotes, supplying high definition images and bottle shots ready for promotional materials.

Wine Education:

Wine Assist has conducted wine education sessions for both members of the Wine Trade and public consumers in China, India and Singapore as well as Australia.  For example, in Australia, we have conducted wine education classes in conjunction with Business S.A. for Chinese and Korea Business Migrants.

Creation of Tasting Notes & Press Releases:

Wine assist through its Graphic Designer can generate a variety of proffessional promotional material to assist with the marketing of your wine. This includes:-

  • Tasting Notes available in both A4 and A3 format
  • Tent Cards 
  • Bottle Shots
  • Press Releases
  • Staff Wine Education brochures

Did you know...

Australian Wines - refined & distinctive

Australia is ranked as the world’s 6th largest wine producer, and the finest Australian wines are among the best in the world - a judgment that is consistently reinforced at international wine shows.

Australian wine to the world...

Agricultural excellence and winemaking brilliance

Australia has some of the oldest grape vines in the world. Many of Europe’s established vineyards were destroyed by disease (phylloxera) in the 1800s. The only survivors were the vines brought to Australia.
In just 200 years, Australia’s wine industry has grown from a few small plantings to an industry renowned throughout the world for quality, innovation and depth that produces every one of the major wine styles.