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Friday, February 27, 2015

THE RELEVANCE of WINE:  Have you noticed how ubber serious the world of wine is today? Instead of just enjoying wine as part of everyday life, people are busy running around describing the stuff in hundreds, of serious words and studiously rating it out of 100 (out of 10 in reality).  Read More...

Wine Seriously

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wine Seriously:     Contrary to popular belief wine does not have to be ubber serious and stuffy. Yes, it is true that most wine descriptions and reviews are super serious and generally dead, dull, boring, designed to appeal to the wine-snob. Many winemakers are so serious about describing their wines that they sound like they have a pineapple stuck up their nether region – spiky end first. The French have made an art of injecting seriousness and stuffiness into wine consumption, and whilst that works for a small elitist part of the wine drinking public, it does little to engender the beverage to most potential drinkers. Read More...