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Friday, June 10, 2016

Most people, who drink wine, drink young wine that has just been released or at best, are less than five years old. But thanks to wine auction houses such as Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions and Oddbins in Adelaide, Sterling Wine Auctions in Perth and MW Wines in Melbourne, there are plenty of opportunities for people who don’t have a cellar to try older, more mature wine. Yes, some of the great wines at auction are very expensive, but that is usually due to their age and good condition. At the same time there is usually a raft of 10 to 20 year old wines in the auctions at very realistic prices. For example, at an auction right now as I write, there is a bottle of the 1989 Jimmy Watson Trophy winning wine going for under $50 a bottle. A 27-year-old trophy winning wine for less than $50 a bottle!! Read More...


Friday, April 15, 2016

Decanting sounds either like a disease - “Poor old Charlie he has a bad case of decanting", or something that only wine snobs do. However, there are two very good reasons for decanting a wine from its bottle into a decanter/carafe -  or even into a spare wine bottle. Read More...