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NOT the Usual Suspects 2015

Friday, October 09, 2015

NOT the Usual Suspects:   For the second year in a row, this amazing event was held in Adelaide. This year it was held in the more relaxed atmosphere (compared last year’s at the National Wine Centre) of the Loftus Wine Bar on Gouger Street in the city, on a perfect spring afternoon. Read More...


Friday, March 06, 2015

GO FIGURE!!:     For the last few years I have been banging on about “alternative” varieties and how great it is that so many Aussie winemakers are prepared to have a go with some “foreign” grape varieties. The number of winemakers doing this and the number of varieties being “experimented” with has increased almost exponentially over the last decade. This has occurred as the reality of global warming has been hitting home with winemakers and also because some adventuresome souls want to stand out from the rest of the nearly 3,000 strong crowd of Shiraz makers in the country.  Read More...