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Friday, April 03, 2015

ALDI IS AWESOME:   Over the last few months I have mentioned ALDI in a couple of my blogs, in relation to its wines winning Gold medals and Trophies at the Sydney International Wine Competition. And again in relation to the archaic liquor laws in some states that prevent it, Foodland, etc., from selling wine in-store, whilst the evil duopoly has stores adjacent to most of its supermarkets – as close as they can get to in-store sales under these ridiculous rules which handicap the newer entrants in the marketplace. Read More...


Friday, February 06, 2015

TROGLODYTES RULE!!! :    At least in South Australia they do. This is the most backward and regressive state in the country. When the rest of the country is open for business on public holidays like Australia Day – we are closed. Many of our restaurants and diners are closed on Christmas Day and New Years’ Eve because our “brilliant” state government has mandated “triple-time” penalty rates on those days. So the owners and staff instead of earning money have to miss out, not to mention the tourists who can’t find somewhere to eat!  Read More...