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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Just before Christmas I received an interesting email from my local Council. It was about the State Governments trade missions to the whole globe. Well, four out of the five continents (none to Antarctica or the other States of Australia). It got me wondering, as to why – when we already have Austrade to help us spruik our products to the world – do we need our State Government to double up by running its own 12 international missions on our behalf? IF Austrade isn’t doing a good job, or is under resourced to do the job, surely the State Governments should be lobbying/pushing the Federal Government to “lift their game” rather than duplicating the services. Read More...


Friday, May 22, 2015

A Novel Concept:   In the middle of the Greek debt crisis, one bold Aussie commentator stated that Australia could be "the next Greece” – and he was shouted down and ridiculed in a no uncertain manner. However, think carefully about it and you will find that it is so true, that it is scary. Read More...