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World Bulk Wine Exhibition Goes To China

Friday, May 03, 2019

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) which has been running for ten years in Europe (based in Amsterdam), will be for the first time holding a trade fair in Asia, in the city of Yantai (Shandong) China on 30-31 May, 2019 - at the Yantai International Expo Center.

The shipment of bulk wine around the world has grown massively over the last decade due to wine buyers becoming increasingly aware of the quality that can be found in bulk wine. In Europe, bulk wine is usually quality wine made by co-operative wineries and sold in bulk rather than under their own label.

Australia is becoming a significant supplier of bulk wine to the world (as well as bottled wine). Currently we are the second largest bulk wine supplier to China after Chile, with volumes rising consistently year after year. Last year there were eight Australian companies participating in the WBWE, with two Australian white wines (Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay) winning gold medals at the WBWE judging in Amsterdam. The judging was conducted by twenty-five international wine judges from around the globe, including me.

Bulk wine now accounts for 40% of wine shipments around the world, and growing. With China being one of the biggest importers of wine it made sense to conduct a WBWE trade fair in China.

For this inaugural exhibition in Yantai there will be 130 wineries from seventeen countries exhibiting, including Australia. Wine buyers are expected to flock in not only from China, but also from right across Asia. The exhibition will be divided into three zones: Technical, Business and Tasting areas, which will include culinary demonstrations. This way visitors can more easily find the particular stand or event that they are most interested in.

With 82% of all bulk wine entering China coming through the port of Yantai, it made sense to conduct the first ever Asian World Bulk Wine Exhibition in this very important wine city. Located in the east coast province of Shandong, which is a very populous and affluent province and bounded by the famous Yellow River. More details on the event are available at this link:

I will be there reporting for WBM magazine, and at the invitation of WBWE I will be conducting a seminar on Australian Wine and a tasting of some of the Australian wines currently available in China.

It will be interesting to see how successful this event is. I suspect that it will be a raging success and become an increasingly important yearly event as the world becomes more “green” and shipments of bulk wine around the globe continue to grow. Hopefully it will also be very beneficial for the Australian wine industry.

Have a great week and enjoy quality wines.


In the 1990s, “the” cool climate region in Australia was the Yarra Valley. Very few people had heard of Tasmania, and the Adelaide Hills were just getting started. So, the Yarra was it.

At the time the best and most elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay came from the Yarra, with names like, Mount Mary, Yerringberg, Yarra Yerring and Cold Stream Hills, being the best known names from the region.

Yarra Chardonnay were particularly outstanding as many Chardonnay from other regions were still over oaked and somewhat clumsy. Whereas the Yarra ones were elegant and refined.

Since then the Yarra has if not “fallen off the radar” with most Aussie wine drinkers, then it has very much “taken a back seat” to wines from other more chic, “cool” areas, especially in terms of Chardonnay.

Well here is a wine to put it back on centre stage – the SOUMAH 2018 YARRA VALLEY CHARDONNAY.

I love the incredibly accurate description of the wine that appears on the front label: “A new age, crisp Chardonnay with texture and finesse”. I could not have described it better myself!

This is a gorgeous wine with rich, attractive aromas of stone fruit and lime, beautifully balanced crisp acidity, great structure with a steely backbone and heaps of delightful flavours. It is a superb wine that given some time will become an iconic Yarra Chardonnay. BLOODY BRILLIANT!!

PS: By the by, their 2018 Yarra Pinot Noir and 2017 Yarra Cabernet Sauvignon are no slouches either (absolute rippers!) – especially the Cabernet which is in a modern, “ready/almost ready to drink now” style which will appeal to younger, less patient wine drinkers, who aren’t prepared to tuck a wine away for 5-10 years before drinking it, like us “old farts” do.

Cheers and have a great week enjoying great Aussie wines!