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Friday, August 16, 2019

Until late last year I was very sceptical about wine in cans. Then, as  reported in my article The Can Wagon, WBM May/June 2019 Edition, I discovered that they had progressed in leaps and bounds so that today the same quality wine that one finds in a bottle is available in a can. In March this year at the Cellar Door Festival held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, I came across RIOT WINE CO, an outfit that presents all its wines in cans. They were all very good wines, as I have previously stated.

Why do I keep sprouting about wine in cans? Because I firmly believe that this is the way of the future. No, we won’t all be drinking our wines out of cans, no more than all beer drinkers drink their beer out of “tinnies”! But in the future cans will form a significant and practical part of a wine drinker’s repertoire.

I strongly believe now that the packaging technical issues have been overcome (which hasn’t happened yet for plastic bottles) cans will become a significantly larger part of the wine drinking scene. This will happen for a number reasons:

1: Single serve – All the cans to date are either 187ml, 225ml or 250ml so that they are ideal for a one person drinking situation, or on social occasions when one wants to stay in control of the amount of alcohol consumed.

2: Convenience – Easy to store, carry and open.

3: Safety – Much less likely to get “drink spiked” in crowded social situations.

Almost every can producer around the world is today putting quality wines into their cans. Alas, Treasury Estate have recently launched a range of six fizzy wines in cans, which does not help the cause of promoting cans as a source of quality wines rather than simply pre-mix/alco pop alternatives.

Early last month I was invited to the opening of the RIOT WINE CO cellar door  - The Cannery, on Torrens Road, in Brompton Adelaide. (Quite coincidentally, just two and a half blocks away from where I used to work at Orlando Wyndham’s office in the 1990s.)

In an old office/workshop the gang from RIOT are in the process of renovating and have set up shop. They will fairly soon be installing their own canning line, so that visitors to the cellar door will be able to watch the wines being packaged as they sample them – much like some micro-breweries do. This will also allow RIOT to can their wines in smaller batches than what the contract canners currently insists on.

Cleverly, in addition to having pallets of their can-wines in stock they have set up a 20’ container as a portable cool room/dispenser of their wines from aluminium beer kegs. As the container is a reefer (refrigerated container) it can be shipped to any venue, along with an add-on serving counter and hey presto you have an instant wine bar.

The RIOT wines presented on the day were:

2019 ROSÉ (100% Grenache): Their largest selling wine which is light and bright in colour, with appealing floral aromas and a palate redolent strawberry and cream flavours. Ever so easy to drink!

2019 PINOT GRIGIO: Poached pears and florals on the bouquet. Smooth tasty pears and citrus flavours with a crisp lingering finish. A classy wine.

2019 RIESLING (Padthaway/Eden Valley):  Excellent! Not as sharp as the usual Eden Valley Riesling but uber tasty and elegant with refined acidity on the finish. A great ready to drink Riesling.

2018 GRENACHE: A very classy wine leaning towards the “new/modern” style but still with spadeful’s of delightful flavours. Oh Yum!!

SOCIAL LUBE (a 50/50 blend of Riesling and Pilsner which were co-fermented.):  This is a designer drink which is light, bright yellow in colour, has aromas of Riesling and hops melded together and a fascinating flavour as both components work well together to form a superb and unique flavour. Most unusual and delightful. It will really get “the party started”!

Check them out at OR Adelaidians, drop in to their new cellar door at 59 Torrens Road, Brompton, just down the road from the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

So next time you are going to be at an occasion which lends itself to “single serve” wine, remember to think about causing a Riot by turning up with one or more cans of the delicious wines from the RIOT WINE CO. Or grab a slab of SOCIAL LUBE to get the party rocking & rioting.  Cheers!