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Friday, November 23, 2018

Each year in spring the bod’s at ALDI send me their new “spring releases” to review (this year 20 wines) and each year I am blown away by the amazing value for money that these wines represent. Each of these wines would still represent value if they were at a price that is 50% (or more) higher than their current RRP.

NO! I am not in their employ, or pocket. I am just in awe of their ability to constantly turn out such great wines for the price. So if this blog sounds like a “paid political announcement” for ALDI Liquor, I can guarantee you that it is not. 

And before you start saying that they are extorting or ripping the producers off, I have spoken confidentially to a couple their producers and they are (a) happy with the arrangement and (b) making money out of it.

So what makes ALDI stand out from the evil duopoly (Coles & Woollies)?

OK, for a start, instead of having gadzillions of products (SKU’s) they have a very small and tightly defined portfolio that they cram into the small area of their supermarket that is set aside for grog sales – usually around 95 SKU’s as opposed to Uncle Dan’s around 1,000 SKU’s.

The second point is that every one of their wines openly says “produced for ALDI Stores” on the back label as opposed to the evil duopoly, which have wines under a raft of different made up brands (many of which appear to be extremely similar to “real” brands from actual wineries), so that it is almost impossible to ascertain whether you are buying a wine from a “real people” winery or from the giant.

OK, so I’m off my soap box now and talking about a few of the outstanding wines from ALDI:

CORAGGIOSA 2017 SICILY NERO D’AVOLA: RRP $4.99. AMAZING VALUE! A brilliant everyday quaffer to enjoy with dinner. Oodles of zippy flavours. A CONTENDER FOR ‘BARGAIN OF THE YEAR’.

ONE ROAD 2018 PADTHAWAY/EDEN VALLEY CHARDONNAY: RRP $6.99. Unbelievable! A Chardonnay from these two premium areas for under $10! It has lifted stonefruit and peach aromas, peach and lime flavours on the palate with a refreshing, zingy finish. A REAL LIP-SMACKER!

BLACKSTONE PADDOCK 2016 BAROSSA SHIRAZ: RRP $17.99. This wine is inky dark in colour, has beautiful aromas of ripe berries/fruit, a smidge of vanillin oak and a hint of forest floor, to go with the rich, ubber yummy mouthful of flavour. SUPERBLY DELIGHTFUL!

EL TORO MACHO SUPERIOR 2016 TEMPRANILLO / BOBAL (from Utiel Requena in Spain): RRP $4.99.  OMG! It has a spicy/juicy bouquet, lovely vibrant flavours with just a hint of spiciness and a smidge of savouriness, so easy to drink with or without food. Psst! It even won a GOLD MEDAL last year at the Berlin Wine Trophy.  Definitely the BARGAIN OF THE YEAR!

VEUVE MONSIGNY PREMIER CRU CHAMPAGNE N/V (France): RRP $25.00. Hey! Remember the days before ALDI when the cheapest Champagne was $35-$40 a bottle? Well this pearler sets the standard for inexpensive Champagne, with beautiful balance, great mousse, a lovely yeasty/appley bouquet, and offering a great mouthful of delightful flavours. BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Alas, if like me you live in the feudal state of South Australia (despite Adelaide being named one of just 10 ‘Wine Capitals of the World”), the dinosaurs running this State do not allow supermarkets to sell alcohol, for fear of us all turning into raging alcoholics as has happened to the poor denizens of the east coast. Then again, perhaps 10 millionalcoholics can’t be all wrong, can they? Where is the sense in allowing the evil duopoly to have a bottleshop right next door to many if not most of its supermarkets, but not allowing IGA, Foodland and ALDI to do the same? Can somebody please explain it to me?

Anyhow, if you are fortunate enough to live on the eastern seaboard, I would strongly suggest that you trot down to your nearest licensed ALDI supermarket and check out some of the sensational value for money wines. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. Cheers and have a great week!

PS: Tonight I am flying to Amsterdam to be one of the judges in the 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition – more about that in WBM magazine soon.

STOP PRESS: At the 39th Sydney International Wine Competition, The Fesq & Company Perpetual Trophy for Best Medium-Bodied Dry Red Table Wine of the competition was won by: ALDI – ONE ROAD SOUTH AUSTRALIA & HEATHCOTE SHIRAZ 2017.

Like I said: ALDI is so AWESOME!!