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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some time ago I spoke about the Australian wine industry being cyclical in nature with regular booms and busts. Those who have been around long enough will remember the ‘Vine Pull’ scheme of 1986. During each ‘bust’ the industry has risen to the occasion and found a ‘new’ market for our wines thanks to the work of a few intrepid and adventurous souls in the industry. In the ‘bust’ of the 1980s it was the UK which blossomed and saved the industry from its impending doom. In the 1990s it was the dramatic leap in sales to the USA which saved the industry and fuelled the massive growth spurt, which invariably has led to the current ‘bust’. Read More...

Australia - No Longer The Lucky Country

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Australia has been described as the “Lucky Country” and we have had some politicians try to change the slogan to the “Clever Country” but in reality we should be calling ourselves the “Not So Clever Country” for a whole raft of reasons. Before I elaborate on this, I must confess to you that I have a vested interest in this as I am the Chairman of the Exporters Association of South Australia. Read More...